My Biggest Dreams

November 22, 2008

Since I was in Elementary School, I have always dreamed of road tripping to Saskatchewan Canada to hunt the great plains, valleys, and waters of the Canada provinces. Waterfowl hunting in the Saskatchewan area of Canada is absolutely amazing, and from the moment I was introduced to Waterfowl hunting by my dad, my eyes have been opened and my mind has been fascinated by the hunting opportunities up North. Although there are many dreams that can be filled for a hunter like myself up North, the expenses to hunt in another country can be extraordinary. The gas, licenses, tags, ammunition, housing, and food just to name a few things, can put a hole in anyones pocket. But, it may just be worth it if you can save up the correct way!

Another dream I have always had is to move to the great state of Montana to open up my own hunting Ranch. I have always had a warm spot in my heart for the land of Montana and the opportunities for hunting and ranching in a rich outdoor community state. Although the work is very few and far between in a state like Montana, the living expenses are very low, and the biggest issue for finances is just to find your way to the state!

Although every working American would like to own their own house, the dream of the perfect house for myself has to be above and beyond the dream of just owning an actual house. The mind blowing amazement of a 3 story log cabin set in the hills of Central Montana surrounded by the thick dense forest on a large 100+ acre plot is just the beginning of what I would love to set my finances for. But, even with the DREAM of a large log cabin home, it all has to be set aside until I have the finances after graduating college with a very prestigious degree that will allow me to  receive  loans, and finances for a dream house in the hills of Montana.


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