Ursula Burns is the newly appointed Xerox Corporation President as of April 2007. Burns, an African American engineer joined the Xerox Corporation in 1980 as a Mechanical Engineer Intern where she quickly made her way up through the ranks. Mrs. Burns has held numerous positions with the company including departmental business unit manager, product development and planning, Corporate strategic services manager, and executive assistant to Paul A. Allaire.

Speaking of advancing in the field of womens technology, Ursula Burns was ranked the number 11 most powerful woman in business by CNNMoney.com. After becoming the President of Xerox in 2007, the Xerox Corporation has grown its net income more than 20% thanks to the master mind in technology and business from Ursula Burns.

In today’s society technology is such a large part of every corporations success, and there is no exception with the Xerox corporation. Burns graduated with degrees in bachelor of science, and a master of science in mechanical engineering giving her the ultimate edge in technology fields. With todays business’ running strongly off of computers and engineers, Xerox’s president is on top of the game with her experience in the field of computer technology and engineering where her education was based around the use of networking, software, and technology advancement.

Currently Burns resides in New York where she raises a family of two young children and stands strongly with her husband of 20 years, Lloyd Bean. While Ursula is still alive and well at age 49, the possibility of interviewing her is going to be based on the chance of finding her contact information and touching bases with her as soon as possible.



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