my-monthly-expenses-jpeg-fileSitting back and really focusing on what a big dream of mine is at this point in my life, I’ve come to realize I want to experience the ultimate Canada hunting experience! Before I start a family, or start my career, It just seems that this would be the perfect time for me to fulfill my dream of road tripping to Canada to hunt Waterfowl in the providence of Saskatchewan.

I grew up in a family that goes generations deep into a life style and tradition of bird hunting. As far back as I can remember I have been tagging along with my dad and grandpa to our duck and goose hunting spots, and now that I have become old enough, they seem to be tagging along with me. It was great to grow up hunting the same duck blind year after year with my dad and grandpa, but the hunting just wasn’t what it once was. My dad always told me stories about how amazing the hunting is up North in Canada and how one day he would like for me to experience that hunting. He explained how it was nothing like we were seeing here in Oregon, it was better! He would describe the way birds just appeared out of the sky and worked amazingly to the calls. The geese were huge, the mallards were fully colored, and the weather was comfortable. Now, if a description like that coming from my dad couldn’t put a dream of hunting up North in my head, I am not sure what could. From that moment on I was researching, dreaming, and talking about one day experiencing what my dad once described.

After researching trips that friends and other Waterfowl hunters have taken up North, I started to realize that the money, gear, food, water, lodging, as well as actually finding hunting ground, was going to take a lot more then I actually had imagined in my dream. From what others have told me, the information I have read, and the details I have heard, the biggest issue that I will be facing while road tripping and hunting in Canada is the amount of money I will have available. A close friend of mine takes the trip to Canada every year and has told me that I will need at least $600 in gas money to get my way up to Saskatchewan, and be able to scout for hunting daily. My friend filled me in on a couple of tricks he has come up with over the past few years on how to save money for the trip, and how to properly spend the money while on the trip to be able to scout more which means more hunting.

Eric (My friend who road trips to Saskatchewan yearly) believes that his initial big dollar amount that he needs each year for the trip in gas, food, and lodging comes to $1000. Eric starts to save for his trip to Canada in the Spring before he leaves. Hunting Waterfowl in Canada is best in middle September until middle October, so the trip departure is usually the second week of September. While starting to save money in April or May before my departure in September should not be a problem, I am more worried about my food, drinks, and little necessities that come with trips, especially hunting trips. Eric’s second suggestion is to make sure that I bring as much bottled water as possible with me because the expense of buying bottled water in Canada is more than what we can buy it for here in the states. He also strongly suggests bringing a small BBQ, spices, marinades, and cheap snacks to go along with BBQing the ducks and geese that we harvest each day. Eating the game that we harvest on the trip should save me personally $20+ each day. Lastly he suggests putting in for my passport up to a year in advance for my trip. With how foreign policies can change, Government time tables, and much more, the sooner I get my passport the less I have to worry about it not showing up on time for my trip in September.

One issue that I have found with trying to plan for my trip to Canada are the amount of support systems such as travel companies, necessities lists, and websites with information on what works best financially in Canada. So, with that said I have decided that what will work best for me is to interview as many people who have actually taken the trip, and start making a list of what necessities I need, how much they spent total per person, and what is the cheapest way to make the trip. At this point I am still set on doing the trip because I believe the hunting is well worth the money, but when it comes down to it, doing my homework for finances needed will help me in the long run and short run on the trip.


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