After doing some research online and on my home laptop, I decided to use my excel spread sheet to design my expense report and annual income report. I went through the numerous online links given on our WS320 page, but decided I could set up my own reports that were easier to read and easier to design right through my own home computer software. I ended up using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet which came out very presentable. The biggest problem I had though was figuring out how to save my spreadsheet in the correct way to insert the image of the spreadsheet into my pages. What I had to do is copy and paste my spreadsheet into a power point page and from there I could save the document into a JPEG file and insert the image into the page on wordpress. In the future what I would end up doing is purchasing a better program that allowed me to save the file however I wanted as well as a software that has more customized options that make the spreadsheet layout more professional. If I were doing this for a business in the future I would look into the programs that are specifically set up for financial reports, analysis of spending, and calculation set ups right in the software.


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