Tools used

I was lucky enough with my teaching project to have access to all of the tools needed to provide images, information, and examples of how to air brush paint decoys. The complete air brush system I used for painting my decoys was all provided by a family member of mine while all of the masks, goggles, paint, mixer, compressor, and side tools used for miscellaneous needs were all my own personal tools. All of the photos provided from myself were all taken with my digital camera and uploaded up onto my computer for personal use and for this teach project.

The most beneficial skill that I have learned by designing my teach project is staying focused on realizing that I am actually TEACHING, not just telling. There is a huge difference in attempting to teach a project through an online source rather than teaching the project physically. I had to really focus and make sure that I included every step on how I air brush paint, what I used, and everything involved in air brush painting.

My largest challenge throughout the teach project was going back through wordpress and figuring out the whole new web site set up. Although it did not take very long, the new layout for wordpress set me back by about an hour on my first attempt to really put together this teach project after the sites lay out was changed.

In my technological future and my air brush painting future I have huge plans for what I would like to do. I have a goal of designing and selling my own custom painted decoys using the same paint schemes, tools, and examples that I showed in my teach project.


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