Skills I learned this term

December 8, 2008

As a typical college student use to societies technologies, software, and electronics, I had my mind set telling me that I knew all there was about internet and software skills needed to make basic progress. Well, obviously I was mistaken largely. After just a few weeks of being enrolled in WS-320 and going through the syllabus rules of learning new technology, I became wide eyed and bushy tailed with the amount of skills I had yet to retain. With the amount of time I spend online and the time I have put in using numerous softwares, I figured it would have all come to me by now, but I was wrong.

First and for most I was surprised with the amount of tedious web building skills that I gained in just a short amount of time. Learning to add images through a website host, link in web address’, as well as create a personal web page and blogs are just a few of the educational skills I learned that will help me in the future. In todays career field knowing how to use these skills and understanding the in-depth pieces involved in software and technology will put me so far ahead of the field with a resume full of technology achievements.

Lastly, to be honest I have also learned how to manager my time properly due to this being an online class. I have taken online classes in the future, but this one in particular has set my priorities list up for success in the winter term. Time limits, due dates, as well as the amount of diverse projects in the class have really helped me learn how to keep myself on the ball and not let the little things build up behind me. So, I would say that overall this class and term has taught me a huge amount of positive influences and skills that will not only benefit me next term, but in my future career.

Brett Neffendorf


After researching some ideas, briefly brainstorming my experiences with projects, electronics, and tools, I have declared a few different topics that may help me learn more, as well as discover a few things I may enjoy working with.

-Welding a new aluminum waterfowl hunting decoy cart

-Airbrushing my new new decoys for a more realistic appearance

-Re-programming my computer

-Building a web page revolved around my hunting seasons

-Build my own fly rod

-Building a statistics program for my coaching of baseball

After realizing what I have learned in the past and brainstorming what I would like to teach others about, I strongly feel my best option would be air brushing my new decoys to bring out the full details of the fullbody goose decoys I use for goose hunting. I plan on using an airbrush that is connected to a generator. While the decoys are already painted, the best way to bring out the full detail of these decoys is to completely re-paint the decoys with a light black air brushed oil based paint that will kill the shine, bring out the feather detail, and bring in the realistic edges of the decoys themselves. Right now my biggest success has come from attempting to try different shades of colors on the decoys as well as paint each decoy a different shade of dark and light black or brown to realistically show that each bird is not exactly the same in the field while hunting.

After having little to no experience with such softwares as excel spreadsheet and financial reports, I had my eyes opened to how difficult it can be to get calculations, columns, and sizing just to name a few, to get in the correct presentable way that I wanted. The biggest challenge I had was putting everything into the correct format with saving and inserting the spreadsheet as a jpeg file to be viewed inside of my page. What I was really pleased with though was that I did learn a lot about software, saving certain files, and how to use microsoft excel spreadsheet. But, in the future I would do a lot more homework on a higher quality software to use for designing my spending report.

Brett Neffendorf

My Biggest Dreams

November 22, 2008

Since I was in Elementary School, I have always dreamed of road tripping to Saskatchewan Canada to hunt the great plains, valleys, and waters of the Canada provinces. Waterfowl hunting in the Saskatchewan area of Canada is absolutely amazing, and from the moment I was introduced to Waterfowl hunting by my dad, my eyes have been opened and my mind has been fascinated by the hunting opportunities up North. Although there are many dreams that can be filled for a hunter like myself up North, the expenses to hunt in another country can be extraordinary. The gas, licenses, tags, ammunition, housing, and food just to name a few things, can put a hole in anyones pocket. But, it may just be worth it if you can save up the correct way!

Another dream I have always had is to move to the great state of Montana to open up my own hunting Ranch. I have always had a warm spot in my heart for the land of Montana and the opportunities for hunting and ranching in a rich outdoor community state. Although the work is very few and far between in a state like Montana, the living expenses are very low, and the biggest issue for finances is just to find your way to the state!

Although every working American would like to own their own house, the dream of the perfect house for myself has to be above and beyond the dream of just owning an actual house. The mind blowing amazement of a 3 story log cabin set in the hills of Central Montana surrounded by the thick dense forest on a large 100+ acre plot is just the beginning of what I would love to set my finances for. But, even with the DREAM of a large log cabin home, it all has to be set aside until I have the finances after graduating college with a very prestigious degree that will allow me to  receive  loans, and finances for a dream house in the hills of Montana.

Uploading Pictures

November 14, 2008

I have years of uploading pictures onto websites, forums, facebook, myspace, and emails. What I did find difficult though was using the tools that has set up for uploading and inserting pictures into posts and pages. The icons to upload images were a bit different then what I have used and after uploading the pictures you are asked to insert them into the post or page which is something I had never ran into. But, overall it took me very few attempts to figure out exactly what it was I needed to do to successfully complete picture uploading here on

Receiving Research Help

November 1, 2008

After doing a bit of research on who would be my best bet for scholarly information and in depth research tips,  I decided to get in touch with OSU Librarian Jane Nichols. I briefly described my concern with not being able to find enough scholarly information and right away Jane responded with numerous links through OSU search engines to get me started. What really helped me in my search for information on Ursula M. Burns are the keywords, tips, and tactics that OSU search engines give you when attempting to find exact information. Although Ursula M. Burns has been difficult to research so far, I have yet to find anything that wasn’t helpful given to me by Jane and her insight to researching.

Brett Neffendorf

My blog set up experience

October 7, 2008

After a few years of blogging and using forums I have set up many user names, threads, posts, and images for public viewing. After setting up my blog here on, I was very impressed with how basic and simple the set up and instructions were. I really liked that there was a password meter letting the user know how strong the password is and what should be changed. Overall this was simple and quick!

Brett Neffendorf